Christian Legge Christian Legge may be 11 years old, but he's been an avid volunteer since the age of five! It all started when he first decided to participate in Young Adult Cancer Canada's (YACC) Shave for the Brave event. Since his first Shave, Christian has personally raised close to $27,000 for the cause, collecting $14,000 this year alone. But Christian's volunteerism doesn't end there. Two years ago, he even participated in the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre's Swim for Hope with a broken arm! He is also an animal lover, and regularly raises donations and completes advocacy work for various animal protection and rescue groups, such as Heavenly Creatures and Bird and Small Animal Rescue. In 2012, Christian's outstanding contributions were further recognized when he was awarded the Experience Genie Hero of the Year¯award.¯ Go Christian!

Age: 11
Hometown: St. John's