Holy Name of Mary Academy Eco-Kids Holy Name of Mary Academy Eco-Kids are an impressive group of young environmental champions from the community of Lawn on the Burin Peninsula. Their nomination notes that they have "changed their way of life and worked tirelessly to encourage others to do the same."In 2012, the group spearheaded a school-wide paper recycling and composting campaign, organized a monthly community-wide Green Day for recycling, and distributed earth-friendly LED bulbs to every household in Lawn. When faced with the issue of disposable plastic water bottles and paper cups, HNMA EcoKids led the charge and purchased reusable water bottles for all students and teachers at their school. They've also been active participants in Lights Out Canada, Earth Hour, and National Sweater Day. In March 2011, the Marine Institute's Ocean Net Conference presented the group with the Eco Champs Award.HNMA demonstrates that youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but are leading the way today!

Hometown: Lawn