Nathan Whalen Nathan Whalen is an incredibly active and well-rounded young man from St. John's. Nathan has been particularly involved with Allied Youth in various leadership roles, including provincial president, provincial board member, and 50th anniversary committee member. At 18 years old, he is already a longstanding volunteer coach with the NL Blind Lawn Bowling Team. In 2010 Nathan supported a team of seniors as they travelled to attend a tournament in Netanya, Israel. Nathan has been a community representative on the Bishops College-Booth Memorial West End High School Committee, and was also instrumental in leading Purple Week, Gay-Straight Alliance, Engineers Without Borders, and his school's Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast. As a long time student leader with over six years of service, Nathan has been a leader within his school community. In 2011Nathan earned several awards in recognition of his dedication to the community, including the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership and the Canadian Association of School Principals' Student Leader of the Year award. Since 2011, Nathan has extended his involvement to include MUN-Oxfam, the MUN Debate Society and NL Speech and Debate and as an ongoing volunteer coach with the Bishops College Debate Team.

Age: 18
Hometown: St. John's