Beyond the Hurt with MHAs Crummell and Kent Beyond the Hurt is a student run group based in Gander Collegiate; however their work and reach extends far beyond their school community. Formed in 2005, Beyond the Hurt has educated thousands of students throughout Central Newfoundland through a series of interactive workshops, videos and engaging group discussions on the lifetime effects of bullying. The students as a group have demonstrated their dedication to educating not only their school, but students in the surrounding elementary and junior high schools. Beyond the Hurt has initiated a potluck lunch and series of orientation sessions and school visits for students transitioning from junior high to high school. These initiatives have continued to grow year after year. Clearly, Beyond the Hurt has been instrumental in creating a nurturing and welcoming environment for students at Gander Collegiate and beyond.

Hometown: Gander

Check out this video highlighting Beyond the Hurt's accomplishments.