Enactus with MHAs Crummell and Kent Enactus is a student-run organization operating out of Memorial University. Originally founded in 1991, Enactus' mission is: "to create local solutions to global economic challenges." With over 60 members running 8 projects, last year they impacted over 4,700 people and added over $1.5 million to our province's economy. Recent projects include: Based in Business a year-long entrepreneurial program tailored to veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and Bottlepreneur a new system engineered by students which has doubled the earnings for those which rely upon collecting recyclables to provide for their families. Last year alone, this initiative diverted an estimated 1,000,000 bottles from provincial landfills. The group's successes have not gone unnoticed. In six of the past seven years the group has been crowned national champions and in 2008 they won the Enactus World Cup-the first Canadian team to ever achieve this level of success.

Check out this video highlighting Enactus'accomplishments.