John Norman with Minister Hedderson and Steve Kent John Norman is a remarkable community minded volunteer from Bonavista. At 27 years of age he is involved with 18 volunteer organizations and committees and is the president, chair or co-chair of ten groups. John is a "full-time" volunteer with two paid careers beside. Volunteerism is simply his day-to-day life. John is particularly passionate about the restoration of Bonavista's trees and community gardens. To achieve this, he founded the Bonavista Horticultural Society. As a volunteer John is willing to do much of the work and has inspired others with his enthusiasm and vision for his community. John's volunteer involvement is incredibly diverse. He coaches figure skating, chairs a committee dedicated to bringing a dialysis unit to Bonavista, and co-chairs a group developing a community wellness center. He is involved with the Bonavista Chamber of Commerce, the Bonavista Historic Townscape Foundation, annual Church Street Festival, and many other organizations. John is also a councillor with the Town of Bonavista and is one of the youngest municipal politicians in the province.

Hometown: Bonavista

Check out this video highlighting John Norman's accomplishments.