Kandice Power with MHAs Brazil and Kent Kandice Power is an eighteen year old from Paradise. Since 2009 she has been a volunteer coach with Mount Pearl Special Olympics and her commitment and dedication have enriched the lives of countless young people with disabilities. While a student at Holy Spirit High, she was heavily involved in awareness and fundraising efforts for World Vision, World Aids Day, VOCM Cares Coats for Kids and the CBS/Paradise food bank. Kandice is also an avid fundraiser; her Red Crew Shoe Walk team successfully raised $12,000 to support Ronald McDonald House. In 2012, Kandice was named Miss Teen Achievement and is a three time recipient of the Paradise Youth of the Year Award and the VOCM Charitable Activities Award. Kandice is currently attending Memorial University and is an active volunteer with a number of campus clubs and societies including: Enactus, Memorial's Student Volunteer Bureau and the MUN United Nations Society.

Hometown: Paradise

Check out this video highlighting Kandice Power's accomplishments.