Nicole Furey with Minister Hedderson and Steve Kent Nicole Furey from Avondale is a volunteer that has demonstrated grace, dignity, determination, and a generous spirit with no limits. Currently 23 years old, Nicole initially volunteered with Girl Guides and then later within the hospital as a candy striper at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital. Nicole's nominators attribute her ongoing involvement with the RCSCC Southern Cross Sea Cadets, as significant in making her the disciplined young leader and extraordinary volunteer she is today. In 2009, her determination was tested when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. As a sign of their support, fellow residents of Avondale rallied together and fundraised over $15,000 towards her medical expenses. Nicole has since persevered, battled cancer and resumed her education and volunteer work. In recent years her volunteerism has grown to include many health-related groups dealing with research and awareness for young people including the NL Sexual Health Center, the Canadian Cancer Society and as a peer mentor with Young Adult Cancer Canada. Nicole recently launched the Cancer Fight Club blog which she writes as a source of guidance and courage for cancer victims.

Hometown: Avondale

Check out this video highlighting Nicole Furey's accomplishments.